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Firearm License Renewals for IL/MO
Refresher Course for IL CCL

Recommend--- Applying 120 days (4 months) before license expires!!!

Illinois-----------------------Renewal Course $90.00 (If you pre-register and pay in advanced the cost will be 75.00)
(3) Three Hours 
  • Classroom Refresher
  • Live Fire Qualification
  • Law Refresher

Course will review and discuss old and any new firearm/Federal laws

Discuss updates in criminal code section of IL law (231.10) Concealed Carry Law

Range Time (B-27) Silhouette Target
30 rounds
10 at the distance of 5 yards
10 at the distance of 7 yards
10 at the distance of 10 yards
Firearm License Renewals for Missouri
Refresher Course for Mo CCP
----------------------Coming Soon

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